Squad Six is one of the squads in the Z Corps Squadron under control of Head Captain Nicole Spear .


Sqaud 6 holds a Captains tower which is home to Head Captain Nicole Spear and Lt. Jessica Toms. As well as the housing for all Sqaud 6 memebers. Deep below Sqaud 6 is the House the prision wher criminals of the spirit world are kept.

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Symbol of Squad 6 Symbol of Punishment Force

Punishment ForceEdit

All Z Corps memebers in Sqaud 6 are members of the Punihsment Force. The memebers of this Squad are Known for being very brutal when in a fight. The are often known as a sqaud that cuts first and ask questions later. The Punishment Force is divided into two units. Field Unit and House Unit. Those on in the House Unit are the Z Corps memebers that have duties working in the Jail housed deep below Sqaud 6. Field Unit are tasked with tracking and capturing.


Captains: Nicole Spear

Lieutenants: Jessica Toms

Noted Officers: Lisa Born